Investing in New Window Treatments? Don’t Believe These Myths!

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Investing in New Window Treatments? Don’t Believe These Myths!

Irrespective of whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned pro when ever you step out to buy window treatments, the myriad options available in the market always leave you confused.

Moreover, many people think all window coverings are identical. However, the energy efficiency of each treatment varies based on its structure, material, and finish.

Apart from the many options available, there are several myths and misconceptions related to window fashion that are mistaken for reality. Unfortunately, these myths force most people to buy a product that doesn’t suit their requirement.

To help you avoid falling prey to the many myths that exist as well as help you make informed decisions, Marilyn's Windows & Interiors have debunked some myths about window treatments.

Myth 1: Drapes should be installed on the window frame so that the install hits wood and has strength.

Most people think drapes should be installed on the window frame in order to have strength. This is not true. A professional installer has the expertise to create strength at any level. Extra height in a drape draws the eye up and makes the room look grander.

Myth 2: Drapery doesn’t need to be lined.

Another myth is that drapery does not need to be lined and you can save your money by not lining your drapery. We would advise our clients that lining adds protection from the sun, adds depth and fullness to the hang of the drapes and is relatively inexpensive for the value it gives. There are several types of linings: regular, dimout, blackout and flannel. Schedule an appointment with us and we would love to fill you in on the different options that are available.

Myth 3: Telescoping rod is better than a solid rod to hang a drapery on.

A common error that customers make is to use a telescoping rod rather than a solid rod to hang their drapery on. The reason why this happens so frequently is because solid rods are difficult to source for the average consumer. At Marilyn’s windows we have a large variety of rods that suit your every need.

At Marilyn's Windows & Interiors we provide our customers with best window treatments. We specialize in the tailored creation of hand-sewn curtains, drapes, blinds, and home bedding and accents with the world’s finest fabrics, hardware, and accessories for over nineteen years. To learn more about the window treatment services that we provide, please click here. If you have any questions about window coverings, get in touch with us here.