Frequently Asked Questions About How To Design A Truly Unique Window Treatment

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Frequently Asked Questions About How To Design A Truly Unique Window Treatment

When it comes to finding window treatments that match your requirements or suit your style, you often find yourself with more questions than answers due to the sheer number of options that are available. To help you make well-informed decisions by leaning on our experience and expertise, Marilyn's Windows & Interiors has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about how to design a truly unique window treatment.

  1. I have a sliding glass door which is difficult to treat with a blind, what do you suggest?

The easiest solution would be a drape installed on a decorator rod. The drape will fall to the sides during the day and at night its a nice soft way of covering the space and allowing for much-needed privacy.

  1. How long does it take to manufacture a window treatment?

Because I do the work myself, my turn around times is minimal. Two weeks is the maximum amount of time I need to manufacture a drape. Hold-ups occur when the fabric is on backorder or if we are waiting for a blind to compliment the drapery.

  1. I work nights and I require room darkening what is the best solution?

Drapery lined with blackout lining will darken a room if installed correctly. Lots of fabric will also add a sound barrier to the room and absorb background noises so that you can sleep more restfully during the day.

  1. My dining room faces a brick wall which we hate to look at. What can we do?

The solution to this is to soften the window with sheers. This allows maximum light to come in but totally blocks the brick wall. Add two side panels with a gorgeous drapery fabric and the room becomes complete.

  1. I have a two-story great room that we are trying to watch TV in. What is the best course of action here?

Motorized sheer weave blinds will block a large percentage of the UV rays. This will allow you to watch TV and to stop the fading of your furniture and floors. While sheer weave blinds will still allow light to come in, side panels from floor to ceiling will add a huge dramatic element.

  1. I have a beautiful outdoor covered patio area that I would like to put drapes on for privacy. What do you suggest?

Sheers work really well in this setting. If they do get wet, they dry very quickly and they add a very wispy romantic touch to your outdoor living space. A large assortment of sunbrella outdoor fabrics would also work and add a bit of color.

  1. I have a huge sunroom/three season room that looks out onto the backyard pool area. It gets very hot in here during the summer months. What do you suggest?

Sheer weave blinds would be perfect here. They will block sunlight and reduce the temperature of your room but still allow you to look out into your backyard oasis.

  1. My children’s bathroom has a large window that needs to be covered. The whole room is very bare looking. What do you suggest?

A light filtering roller blind will provide privacy and I would suggest a box pleat valance above the window to add some color and interest.

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