How Automated Window Treatments Could Help You

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How Automated Window Treatments Could Help You

Finding the perfect window treatments for your home or establishment is never an easy task. With so many choices available, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the past and choose something you are familiar with rather than getting something more contemporary that is simple and safer to use.

At Marilyn's Windows & Interiors, we find that safer window treatments have become a preferred option for several homeowners. By opting for cordless or automated blinds, homeowners are negating the risk posed to children and pets by corded blinds. In addition, the Government of Canada is in the process of putting a new regulation in place with the intention to help eliminate the risk of strangulation from corded window coverings.

New Regulation Guidelines

As per the new regulation, the length of accessible cords and the size of loops created on corded window coverings are going to be restricted. There is a big push towards introducing more cordless blinds and to put safety measures in place by tethering the cords tightly to the wall so that the size of the loop is significantly reduced.

While cordless blinds are cleaner looking because they do not have a cord hanging off to the side, they do not work if the window is up high. However, in situations like these, you have the option of having automated window treatments.

Keep Children and Pets Safe

If you have small children or even pets running around your home, the advantage of having automated window treatments or cordless blinds is that you completely eliminate the risk of strangulation and untoward situations. If motorized or cordless blinds are not an option for you, you could think about changing to a drape that pulls across.

It’s important to keep in mind that it takes just fifteen seconds for a child to become unconscious from being strangled by a window blind cord. If you have corded blinds at home, you must always keep cords out of reach of children by installing a cleat up high on the wall to help keep cords out of reach. You should also avoid placing cribs or playpens near windows where a child can reach a cord. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and read all warnings. We also suggest that you attach tension devices supplied with a blind.

Marilyn's Windows & Interiors has been creating exquisitely handcrafted window dressings for luxury homeowners, custom builders, interior designers, and commercial properties for over twenty years. Safety has always been a priority for us. If you have any questions about safer window treatments, please contact us by clicking here. To learn more about the other products we have to offer, please click here.