How Marilyn's Windows & Interiors Helped A Client With Erratic Sleeping Patterns

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How Marilyn's Windows & Interiors Helped A Client With Erratic Sleeping Patterns

If you work a night job that requires sleeping during the day or live in an area that is well lit and bustling during the nights, your sleep pattern could be severely affected. A disturbed sleep or insufficient duration of sleep could cause health concerns which are avoidable. While switching jobs or changing your home’s location could be one option, an easier and affordable option would be investing in the right kind of window treatments.

At Marilyn's Windows & Interiors, we offer a wide variety of treatments that not just look beautiful, but serve you in multiple ways. Keep reading to learn about how we helped a client who had difficulty sleeping during the day.

The Challenge: Erratic shifts and sleeping patterns.

A client once approached us complaining about difficulty sleeping due to excess light and noise in his room. As he worked in shifts, enjoying an undisturbed sleep during the day was close to impossible for him. This left him extremely frustrated as he has been unable to find a drapery solution that would provide total blackout to the room.

To get a better understanding of what would serve as a great remedy, we visited his home and upon inspection found that despite using window treatments, the light was still too intense in the room. In addition, there was a lot of noise from outside the home that came in through the windows.

The client had five large windows in his room, one of them a was a half-moon shaped window, that was located above a rectangular window. Our challenge was to cut out the light as well as noise so that our client could enjoy a peaceful, undisturbed sleep during the day or night.

The Solution: Blackout drapery.

After studying the client’s requirements, we decided to do blackout pinch-pleated drapes installed on decorator rods.

All of the rods were installed ten inches above the window to minimize light leaking out the top and the drapes ran all the way to the floor to minimize light seeping through the bottom. Extra ease was built into the drapes so that we could return the fabric back to the wall and be able to overlap the drapes at the center. These four aspects would ensure that light is blocked on all sides.

One of the tougher parts of this job was ensuring that there is no seepage of light or noise through the half-moon shaped window. As the drapes over this window were extra long, they became a little more difficult to operate. To simplify this process, we added two extra-long fling rods which helped with the operation.

The extra fabric from all these drapes sufficiently absorbed the noise from the street and the client was able to get a much better sleep during the daytime hours.

We had all the drapes manufactured and installed within three weeks of meeting the client and inspecting his home.

The Bottom Line

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