A Beginner’s Guide To A Well-Dressed Window

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A Beginner’s Guide To A Well-Dressed Window

For most people, window treatments are an afterthought and are the last thing people think about because they’re not considered a necessity. However, once priorities change and when privacy is required due to nosy neighbors or irritating sunbeams, window treatments go from being merely an unnecessary dressing to a necessity. Window treatments bring an added comfort and sense of style to any home, while also providing privacy and temperature control.

If you’re looking for something more than just the standard window treatments, Marilyn’s Windows & Interiors has formulated a Beginner’s Guide to getting a well-dressed window. By following this guide, you will be able to better understand what the current trends are in creating a well-dressed window as well as increase your home’s aesthetic appeal.


Determine the purpose of the window treatments:

Before setting out to shop for window treatments, an individual should know what they want from the treatments.

As a prospective client, you should know things like:

a. Does the room need to block light or just filter light?

b. Which direction does the window face? Is there sun exposure?

c. What will the room be used for?

d. Will the room have multiple uses?

e. In the case of commercial work, do we need to meet certain fire codes?

f. Do fabrics need to be easy-care or can we work with more delicate fabrics?

Once you have determined the use of the room, you will have a better understanding of the type of treatment required. It will give you direction while shopping and narrow your search down to needing layered window treatments or something simple.

Have a plan in place:

Do some research and create a budget for yourself. While it’s important not to spend beyond your means, having too low a budget may not get you top quality treatments. Apart from a budget, it’s also a great idea to decide on the color scheme you want for your room as this will help you make a quicker and more astute decision.

Next Steps

Hire a professional:

While choosing treatments yourself isn’t necessarily difficult, working with a professional is beneficial as they have access to a wider range of options and are aware of the most current fabric and blind trends.

Advice From The Pros

Stick to the plan

a. Budget requirements are always important. Looking at expensive blinds and fabrics when they are not in the budget can be very distracting. By avoiding this mistake, you can be sure that you will love what you’ve picked.

b. Always stand firm on what light issues the blind or the drapery treatment addresses. If light filtering is needed during the day and blackout at night, then this requires two treatments. Possibly a blind plus a drape. While a complex treatment works for some clients, in a majority of cases, simple window treatments always work the best.

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